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  • YACHT-06
  • Convertible
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Similar to the Sport Fisherman, but the awning and fishing frame above the upper bridge can be removed to become a general yacht.

With an excellent team of employees, the company has accumulated a good reputation and reputation as an established enterprise for many years. The first-line production employees have an average working experience of more than 8 years, and they have accumulated rich experience and skilled technology, which guarantees the quality of the products.

Simple and scientific management mode, strong execution, greatly saving management costs and giving benefits to consumers.

With a strong design team, our company's designers are institute-level engineers who enjoy technical allowances, and there are more than ten senior and intermediate engineers under its jurisdiction.

With perfect after-sales service and guarantee, our company solemnly promises that the FRP hulls produced will be refunded in full within 6 months from the date of leaving the factory if there are serious quality problems, and we will implement free maintenance services within one year and lifetime warranty.