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Alpha Lipoic Acid

  • 98%
  • Light yellow powder
  • BH
  • HPLC
  • 1KG
  • ISO/USDA Organic/EU Organic
  • cosmetic grade
  • 2 Years
  • Drum, Aluminum Foil Bag
  • Available
  • China
  • 5000 Kilograms/ Per Month

High Quality Alpha Lipoic Acid Products Information

Alpha lipoic acid is a coenzyme found in mitochondria, similar to vitamins.

Lipoic acid enters cells after it is absorbed through the intestinal tract in the body and has both lipid-soluble and

water-soluble properties.

The characteristics of lipoic acid, also known as alpha-lipoic acid:

Among the many antioxidants, lipoic acid has its unique versatility. It is both water-soluble and fat-soluble and protects all tissues and interstitial spaces of the body. It can not only resist a variety of free radicals such as oxide anions, hydroxide ions, singlet oxygen and hydrogen peroxide, but also chelate (combine and combine with metal ions (such as iron, copper, cadmium, lead, mercury and other metal ions) neutralization), catalyzes the generation of free radicals.

Stabilized Alpha Lipoic Acid Practical Application:

1. Stabilization of blood sugar levels

Since it was originally used as a drug for the treatment of diabetes, of course, it must have such a function. In fact, lipoic acid is mainly used to prevent the combination of sugar and protein, that is, it has the effect of "anti-glycation", so it can easily stabilize the blood sugar level, so it was used as a vitamin to improve metabolism, so that patients with liver disease and diabetes take.

2. Strengthen liver function

Lipoic acid has the function of strengthening liver activity, so it was also used as an antidote for food poisoning or metal poisoning in the early days.

3. Recover from fatigue

Because lipoic acid can increase the energy metabolism rate and effectively convert the food eaten into energy, it can quickly eliminate fatigue and make the body feel less tired.

4. Improves dementia

The constituent molecules of lipoic acid are quite small, so it is one of the few nutrients that can reach the brain. It also maintains antioxidant activity in the brain and is considered to be quite effective in improving dementia.

5. Protect the body

In Europe, research was conducted on lipoic acid as an antioxidant, and it was found that lipoic acid can protect the liver and heart from damage, and relieve allergies, arthritis and asthma caused by inflammation in the body.

6. Beauty and anti-aging

Lipoic acid can remove the active oxygen components that cause skin aging, and because the molecule is smaller than vitamin E, and it is both water-soluble and fat-soluble, it is very easy to be absorbed by the skin.

In addition, as long as you take enough lipoic acid, you can minimize the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin from the body, and can also alleviate the skin damage caused by age and generate new skin, keep the skin moisturizing, and activate the body's circulation. And improve the physique that is prone to cold.

Natural Alpha Lipoic Acid COA

AppearanceYellow powderOrganoleptic
IdentificationMeets the requirementsHPLC
Melting point60-62℃USP
Specific rotation-1.0°to +1.0°USP
Loss on drying≤0.20%USP
Residue on ignition≤0.10%USP
Heavy metals≤10ppmUSP
Chromatographic purity
Single impurity≤0.10%HPLC
Total impurities≤2.0%HPLC
Residual Solvent By GC
Ethyl acetate≤250ppmGC
Total Plate Counts≤1000cfu/gUSP
Moulds and Yeasts≤100cfu/gUSP
E.Coli and SalmonellaAbsence/gUSP
Staphylococcus aureusAbsence/gUSP
Particle size100% through 20 meshUSP

Alpha Lipoic Acid Products Application

1. Alpha lipoic acid powder is used in food feild;

2. Alpha lipoic acid powder is used in dietary supplements;

3. Alpha lipoic acid powder is used in cosmetic field.