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Flaxseed Oil

  • 100%Pure

  • Light Yellow Color Liquid

  • Bolin

  • /

  • 1kg

  • ISO/USDA Organic/EU Organic

  • Food Grade

  • 2 years

  • 25KG/Blue Drum; 50KG/Galvanized Drum; 100KG/Galvanized Drum

  • Avaliable

  • China

  • 500 Kilograms/Per Month


Flaxseed Seed Oil Description

Flaxseed contains 30-48% oil and fat. The oil obtained by pressing at room temperature is a yellow liquid with a specific odor. The texture gradually becomes thicker and the color becomes darker in the air. On land, there is no more brain-enhancing food than linseed oil; linseed oil can be called "student food" or "intellectual food." Its cell matrix contains lignans, the content of which is 100-800 times higher than that of other commonly used cereals and beans; flaxseed also contains 18 essential amino acids and three vitamins (A, E, B1) and 8 trace elements.

The sum of crude protein, fat and total sugar content in flaxseed is as high as 84.07%. Flaxseed protein has a complete range of amino acids, and the essential amino acid content is as high as 5.16%. It is a vegetable protein with high nutritional value. The content of alpha-linolenic acid in flaxseed oil is 53%. Alpha-linolenic acid is an essential fatty acid in the human body, which can be converted into DHA and EPA in the human body, which are effective active ingredients in fish oil. Alpha-linolenic acid has anti-tumor, anti-thrombotic, and hypolipidemic, nourishing brain cells, and regulating autonomic nerves. Flaxseed oil also contains minerals such as protein, sesamin, vitamin E, lecithin, sucrose, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. It is a very nutritious edible oil.

Organic Flaxseed Oil Functions

1. Improve the composition of skin fat, and make the skin smoother, moisturizing, soft and elastic. At the same time, the skin can breathe and perspire normally, and relieve various skin problems.

2. Flaxseed oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which can prevent blood vessel clots and cholesterol accumulation, and help reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels, which can significantly reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

3. Omega-3 fatty acid is an important component of nerve receptors in brain cells. Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation helps to improve children's learning, memory and emotional control.

4. The Omega-3 fatty acids contained in flaxseed oil can effectively relieve inflammation and relieve the discomfort caused by menstrual pain. Lignans help to balance hormones and therefore help reduce the discomfort of PMS.

5. The Omega-3 fatty acids contained in flaxseed oil can reduce inflammation and relieve the onset and pain of arthritis.

6. Flaxseed oil can increase performance and endurance during exercise, help tired muscles recover faster, and its anti-inflammatory properties can also help reduce muscle soreness.

7. Omega-3 fatty acids contained in flaxseed oil can regulate the secretion of neurotransmitters in the brain (such as serotonin), help stabilize mood and prevent depression.

COA of Pure Flaxseed Oil


Standard Requirements

Testing Result

 Color and Appearance

Yellow 45  Red 4.5

Yellow 30 Red 1.0

Moisture and Volatile Matter Content /%



Acid Value




Peroxide value




Solvent residue

Can`t be detected

Not be detected

Linolenic acid



Linoleic acid



Oleic acid