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  • 100%Pure
  • White Powder
  • Bolin
  • /
  • 1kg
  • ISO/USDA Organic/EU Organic
  • Food Grade
  • 2 years
  • Sample:Double PE bag inside Foil aluminum bag outside Lower 25kg:PE bag+foil aluminum bag inside, cartons outside 25kg above:PE bag insidedrum outside
  • Avaliable
  • China
  • 500 Kilograms/Per Month

What is maltitol?

Maltitol is a substance obtained by hydrolyzing starch into maltose syrup and reacting with hydrogen under the action of a catalyst. Maltitol has a sweet taste, somewhat sweeter than maltose, but not as sweet as sucrose. The adverse effects of sugar on health are mainly due to a series of physiological reactions such as changes in insulin after digestion and absorption. Maltitol is absorbed in a very low rate and has much less impact on blood sugar than sucrose, so the American Diabetes Association points out that sugar alcohol foods are beneficial for blood sugar control. They are also not fermented by bacteria in the mouth, and thus do not cause caries. In addition to the low rate of digestion and absorption, the absorbed sugar alcohols are metabolized to produce significantly fewer calories than sugars of the same amount or sweetness. In addition, sugar alcohols are relatively beneficial for weight control compared to sugar.

Functions of maltitol sugar replacement

1. Non-corrosive: Maltitol is not an acid-producing substrate, and almost does not cause bacteria to synthesize insoluble polysaccharides, so maltitol is a non-corrosive new carbohydrate that is extremely difficult to form dental caries.

2. Promote calcium absorption: Animal experiments show that maltitol can promote intestinal absorption of calcium and increase bone mass and enhance bone strength.

3. Does not stimulate the secretion of insulin: Maltitol is difficult to digest and absorb, and the blood sugar level rises less, so it has no stimulating effect on the secretion of insulin necessary for glucose metabolism, thus reducing the secretion of insulin. It can be seen that maltitol can be used as a sweetener for diabetic patients.

4. Inhibit excessive accumulation of body fat: If high fat and sugar are consumed at the same time, the secretion of insulin is stimulated and the activity of lipoproteins enzymes is increased, so it is easy to increase the accumulation of body fat. If maltitol is used instead of sugar to produce high-fat foods such as ice cream, cakes, and chocolate, it can be expected to reduce excessive accumulation of body fat because it does not stimulate insulin secretion.

COA of maltitol for sale

Product nameMaltitolMFC12H24O11
Cas No.585-88-6GradeFood Grade

AppearanceWhite powderComplies
TasteTypically sweet with no foreign tasteComplies
Odourno foreign odoursComplies
Related Products≤1%Complies
Water content≤0.5%Complies
Reducing sugar≤0.1%Complies
Specific rotation+105.5°~ +108.5°Complies
Melting point148°C--151°CComplies
Heavy metals≤10ppmComplies
Sulfated ash≤0.1%Complies
Viable counts≤20cfu/gComplies

Application of maltitol natural

1. In the food industry, it can be widely used in sugar-free fillings and sugar-free foods instead of sucrose; maltitol is used as a fat substitute to produce low-calorie foods; it is used for processing chewing gum, candy, cakes, beverages, and food for children and the elderly, etc.

2. In the chemical industry, it can be used as a raw material for synthetic chemistry to manufacture synthetic resins, surfactants, contact agents, etc.

3. In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be made into medicinal beverages and other products.

4. Cosmetics, because maltitol has good hygroscopicity and moisturizing properties, it can be used as a certain component of cosmetics and used as a moisturizing regulator.