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Oat Extract Β -Glucan

  • 20%-80%
  • White Powder
  • BH
  • HPLC
  • 1KG
  • ISO/USDA Organic/EU Organic
  • Food Grade
  • 2 Years
  • Drum, Aluminum Foil Bag
  • Available
  • China
  • 5000 Kilograms/ Per Month

What's oat extract?

Oats (Avena sativa l.) for gramineous plants. There are two main types, one is naked oats, is a kind of oats. Oat in China known as the naked oats, commonly known as the naked oats, YuMai, wheat, oats , wild is a kind of low sugar and high nutritional value, high-energy food.

Oats are rich in dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, defecation, the quantity of heat low, low glycemic index, lipid hypoglycemic, also is one of high-grade tonic, is indispensable food in poor areas.

Oat Beta is a common grain that can lower blood sugar. Many effects of oatmeal benefit from the β-glucan contained in it. It can reduce the absorption of fat and cholesterol in the small intestine, lower serum cholesterol, and improve blood flow performance. Speed up the operation speed of carbohydrates in the absorption process.

Oat Glucan Function

1. Lowers Cholesterol

As early as many years, scientists have found that bata-glucan can reduce the rate of gastrointestinal absorption of fatty acids and has a significant cholesterol-lowering effect on people with high blood lipids.

2. Lower blood sugar

After eating glucan oat food every day, the blood sugar level of patients can be reduced by about 50%. The use of oat food can significantly reduce blood sugar. Oat sweat glucan can reduce blood lipid content, improve blood flow performance, and accelerate the absorption and utilization process of carbohydrates. At the same time, it has a good repairing effect on liver and kidney tissue lesions complicated by diabetes, and can effectively reduce the decomposition of liver glycogen, resulting in lower blood sugar.

3. Enhance immunity

Oat glucan has immunomodulatory effects, and oat p-glucan can increase the proliferation of mouse lymphocytes and enhance the ability of mice to resist bacterial invasion.

4. Improves the gut

Oat glucan cannot be hydrolyzed in the small intestine, but degrades in the large intestine and serves as a substrate for bacterial fermentation to produce short-chain fatty acids, especially butyric acid, which is beneficial to intestinal function. Oat p-glucan can make mice Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus in the intestines and feces increase in value, while the number of Escherichia coli is reduced. Therefore, oat glucan also improves intestinal function and promotes the value of beneficial intestinal bacteria.

5. Beauty benefits

The use of oatmeal has long been known to treat dry and itchy skin. To use, oatmeal paste is applied directly to the skin. However, due to the different production methods, the quality of oats is different and the effect is difficult to maintain stable. With the development of science and technology, scientists have gradually discovered the main ingredients and mechanism of oatmeal skin care.

Oat β-glucan has excellent anti-aging effect, can smooth fine wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, and improve skin texture; has a unique linear molecular structure, endows good transdermal absorption; promotes fibroblasts Synthesize collagen, promote wound healing, repair damaged skin, and give skin a silky, moist and smooth touch.

Oat B Glucan COA

AnalysisSpecificationResultTest method
Physical Description
Assay( Beta Glucan)70.0%Min70.50%AOAC995.16
AppearanceGrey White PowderGrey White PowderVisual
Particle sizeNLT 98% through 80 mesh80 mesh100 Mesh Screen
Moisture8% Max3.78%CP2010
Ash9% Max4.44%CP2010
Heavy metals10ppm Max<10ppmAAS
As1.0ppm Max<1.0ppmAAS
Pb2.0ppm Max<2.0ppmAAS
Hg0.2ppm Max<0.2ppmAAS
Total plate count5,000cfu/g Max≤5,000cfu/gCP2010
Yeast & Mould500cfu/g Max≤500cfu/gCP2010
E. ColiNegativeNegativeCP2010
ConclusionComplies with the standards.

Oat Beta Glucan Application

1.Applied in food field.

2.Applied in health product field, to be used as raw material added into health product.

3.Applied in cosmetic field, Can smooth fine wrinkles and improve skin texture.

Oat Beta Glucan Products Extraction Process

Oat gum is the extracted form of oat beta-glucan, which also contains a small amount of starch and protein. Since β-glucan is an important component of the oat endosperm cell wall, it is often extracted from oat bran. The extraction process of β-glucan generally has 3 steps: 1. Treat some endogenous enzymes with ethanol solution and remove small molecule free sugars, proteins and some non-polar compounds; 2. Treat with thermostable α-amylase to degrade starch, This step can be carried out at the same time as the extraction of non-starch polysaccharides; ③ Add ammonium sulfate to preliminary purify the extracted β-glucan or use enzymatic methods to remove and degrade arabinoxylan