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Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12

  • 100%

  • White powder

  • Bolin


  • 100G

  • Kosher HALAL ISO2000

  • Cosmetic grade

  • 2 years

  • Bag/1kg, Drum/25kg

  • Available

  • China

  • 1000KG/ Per Month


Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12 Description

Palmitoyl hexapeptide-12, also known as palmitoyl oligopeptide, is a signal peptide belonging to the Matrikine series, especially related to the repair of age-related skin damage, and can promote dermal fibroblast migration, proliferation and matrix macromolecular synthesis (such as elastin, collagen, etc.) to provide support for the skin. It can also induce fibroblasts and monocytes to specific locations for wound repair and tissue renewal. Its main role in cosmetics and skin care products is antioxidants, with a risk factor of 1. It is relatively safe and can be used with confidence. Generally, it has no effect on pregnant women. Palmitoyl hexapeptide-12 is not acne-causing.

Brief Introduction

Product namePalmitoyl Hexapeptide-12
Molecula weightC38H68N6O8
Molecula formula736.98

Palmitoyl Hexapeptide Benefits

Palmitoyl hexapeptide has a similar ability to inhibit neurotransmitters, block the conduction function between nerve muscles, avoid excessive muscle contraction, prevent the formation of fine lines, slow down the force of muscle contraction, relax muscles, and reduce the occurrence of dynamic lines. Eliminate fine lines; effectively reorganize collagen elasticity, increase the activity of elastin, relax facial lines, smooth wrinkles and improve relaxation. Can be used in cosmetics as an anti-wrinkle ingredient with excellent results.

COA of Palmitoyl Hexapeptide 12

ItemSpecificationResultTest Methods
AppearanceWhite powderConformsOrganoleptic
Odor & tasteCharacteristicConformsOrganoleptic
Mesh sizeThrough 80 meshConforms80 mesh screen
Loss on Drying≤5.00%2.53%Drying Method
Heavy metals

Total Heavy Metals≤10ppmConforms
Arsenic≤1ppmConformsGF AAS
Residual SolventMeet the requirementsConformsSOP/SA/SOP/SUM/304
Pesticide ResidueMeet the requirementsNot detectedSOP/SA/SOP/SUM/304
Microbiological Tests

Total Plate Count≤5000cfu/gConformsBacterial culture
Total Yeast & Mold≤100cfu/gConformsBacterial culture
E.ColiNegativeConformsBacterial culture
SalmonellaNegativeConformsBacterial culture
StaphylococcusNegativeConformsBacterial culture