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  • What is chamomile essential oil?


    Chamomile essential oil is mainly used in soothing and repairing cosmetics to achieve its skin care effect. The chamomile essential oil produced by Bolin Bio is a single essential oil with high purity and cannot be used directly on the skin. Read More

  • What is nattokinase good for?


    Studies have shown that nattokinase has fibrinolytic activity and can treat and prevent thrombotic diseases. At present, the research and application of Bacillus natto mainly focus on the role of nattokinase. Read More

  • Cooking party-bolin people's autumn is different young!


    In the most burning September, a heart-warming team building activity was launched by Bolin family after a busy week of work. Read More

  • What does ferulic acid do for skin?


    Originally found in the seeds and leaves of plants, ferulic acid is a phenolic acid that is widely present in plants and combines with polysaccharides and proteins in the cell wall to form the skeleton of the cell wall. It exists in the leaves and seeds of many plants, and traces of ferulic acid can be seen in five different colors of green, yellow, white, red and black. Its excellent physiological activity allows it to help us become healthier like a magician casts magic. Read More

  • What are the efficacy and application of tremella fuciformis polysaccharide for skin?


    Tremella extract is a product extracted from the fruiting body of Tremella tremella or the spores of Tremella fermented by liquid deep fermentation. The main active ingredient is Tremella polysaccharide. Tremella polysaccharide can improve human immune function, enhance the macrophage function of macrophages, and enhance the function of white blood cells. It has the functions of lowering blood sugar, lowering blood lipids, anti-aging, anti-ulcer, anti-thrombosis, anti-mutation, and maintaining skin moisture. Read More

  • How does the skin fight oxidation?


    The human body continuously generates free radicals in the human body due to continuous contact with the outside world, including respiration (oxidative reaction), external pollution, radiation exposure and other factors. produce a relationship. Read More

  • Rice Peptides Health Benefits


    Rice polypeptide uses rice protein as raw material, and uses machine equipment to make amino acid polymers linked by peptide bonds by simulating the mode of human body degrading protein. It is a kind of substance composed of amino acids, with smaller molecular weight than protein, simple structure and strong physiological activity. It is mainly composed of a mixture of various polypeptide molecules, as well as other small amounts of free amino acids, sugars and inorganic salts. Read More

  • Quercetin Covid 19


    In addition to anti-inflammatory, anti-mutant, and anti-carcinogenic properties, quercetin is thought to exert antiviral effects and the ability to control the functions of major cellular enzymes. Quercetin is thought to have the potential to work against the novel coronavirus, and here is the mechanism that demonstrates its potential. Read More

  • Quercetin Powder Benefits


    It is often widely distributed in the form of glycosides in dicotyledonous plants, especially in the flowers and leaves of some woody plants, including Fagaceae Iberian oak, Berberis red star anise, hypericaceae red Eclipta and oleander, kenaf, etc. Read More

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