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Cooking party-bolin people's autumn is different young!

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Early Autumn Fascinate September,

Prosperity like brocade, green shade like the sea.Cooking Party -Bovlin

In the most burning September, a heart-warming team building activity was launched by Bolin family after a busy week of work.

1. Cooking part

Frying, sauteing, and poaching bring out all kinds of flavors in the world; oil, salt, sauce and vinegar contain the true meaning of life. Dang dang dang ~ The exciting time is coming. After completing the purchase of ingredients early, the team members arrived at our destination today - Ilof Manor. The players of each team are gearing up, and will bring you a visual and taste feast, let us witness the highlight moment of the Bolin people!

At the cooking competition, the team members cooperated with each other and had a tacit understanding! Next is our most exciting moment - the exhibition of works, let's take a look, which team will win the title of "Master Chef" today?

Cooking Party display -Bovlin

2. Game Part

The weather cleared up after lunch, and the friends were divided into three groups to start the afternoon game pk.

"60 seconds fast", "one circle to the end" and "orbital dribbling", each game not only tests everyone's hands-on and thinking ability, but also tests the tacit understanding and cooperation between each team. It was quick, but a group of people went further."

3. Birthday PartCooking Party company -Bovlin

After the intense game, came the grandest moment of the day, lit candles, made a wish, everyone sang birthday songs, and celebrated the birthdays of the birthday stars together. A cake symbolizes a united group, and each shining candle is like a Beating hearts, we meet in the best time, share happy moments and live happily!

We met in Bolin Bio and left a good memory, so let us spend time with each other. Join hands to witness a better and more exciting future of Bolin!