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Cosmetic Ingredients

Cosmetic ingredients are the base and auxiliary materials used in the production of cosmetics. The former is the main raw material of cosmetics, which occupies a large proportion of the cosmetic formula and is the substance that plays the main functional role in cosmetics. The latter is the role of cosmetic forming, stabilization or giving color, fragrance and other characteristics, these substances in cosmetics formulations in small amounts, but is extremely important. Cosmetics are chemically mixed substances made from natural, synthetic or extracted substances with different effects, which are heated, stirred and emulsified during the production process. The most commonly used cosmetic ingredients are hyaluronic acid, triglyceride, azelaic acid and various protease products.

The main raw materials for cosmetics are usually divided into general matrix materials and natural additives. Cosmetic base materials include: oil-based raw materials, is the most widely used cosmetic raw materials, in skin care products to protect, moisten and soften the skin, in hair products to set, hair role; moisturizing agent, is the cream type cosmetics essential raw materials, its role is to prevent the cream dry, keep the skin moisture; binder, mainly for hair gel, mousse and gel mask; powder, mainly used in the manufacture of Fragrance powder products; pigments, dyes, mainly used in the manufacture of beauty finishing products; preservatives, antioxidants, in the cosmetic shelf life and consumer use process to inhibit the growth of microorganisms; fragrances, increase the fragrance of cosmetics, improve product value; other raw materials, including ultraviolet absorbers, dye intermediates for dyeing black hair, perm raw materials, sweat inhibitors, deodorants, raw materials to prevent dry skin, anti-acne raw materials etc. Common natural additives include hydrolyzed gelatin, hyaluronic acid, superoxide dismutase, silk, mink oil, pearl, aloe vera, sea buckthorn, Chinese herbs, etc.