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Edible Fragrances are essential food additives in the food industry. In food additives, it is self-contained, and there are more than a thousand varieties. Classified according to the state of flavors, edible flavors include: liquid flavors, emulsified flavors and powder flavors.

Powder flavors have developed rapidly and are widely used in beverages, snacks, and baked goods. There are three types of powder flavors commonly used:

(1) Powder flavor in the form of mixing: several powder flavor substances are mixed with each other, such as five-spice powder, curry powder, etc. Most of these flavors come from natural plant flavors, and meat flavors are being prepared; vanilla powder, vanillin, etc. are also Powdered essence in blended form.

(2) Powdered essence in the form of adsorption: Make the essence extremely adsorbed on the surface of the carrier, and the composition of this essence should have low volatility; all kinds of meat essences are mostly powdered essences in the form of adsorption.

(3) The microcapsule powder powder flavor in the form of coating is the most widely used powder flavor in the food industry today.