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As the most important source of exogenous antioxidant substances in human body, the research and development of antioxidant extracts from plants has been paid more and more attention by people and many achievements have been made. Under normal circumstances, free radicals in the human body are in a dynamic balance of continuous production and removal. Or scavenging too little, excessive free radicals will cause oxidative stress to cells and tissues, causing oxidative damage to the body. At present, most of plant antioxidant research focuses on Chinese herbal medicines, spices, vegetables, fruits, plant drinks and grains, plant extracts. The active components of oxidation are mainly polyphenols, vitamins, alkaloids, saponins, polysaccharides, polypeptides, etc. There is a complementary and coordinated relationship between the antioxidant components of plant extracts. Moreover, the properties and antioxidant mechanisms of different natural plant extracts are not the same.