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Functional peptides are ubiquitous in natural proteins, and their preparation technology has gradually matured with the development of bioengineering technology, and its applications and functions are constantly expanding. With the development of bioengineering technology and people's increasing demand for food functionality, functional peptides (ie, bioactive peptides) have become more and more widely used in food. Its addition can change the quality and flavor of food; it can also increase functionality. For example, the addition of soybean peptides can inhibit cholesterol and increase lipid metabolism; the addition of albumin peptides can improve the protein content of food and improve immunity; pea peptides are Very good milk allergy resistance agent; corn peptide can reduce alcohol damage to liver; bitter melon peptide is a good hypoglycemic food; peptide iron isolated from pig blood is also a good food coloring agent; from calf liver The extracted liver peptides can not only scavenge free radicals in the human body, but also increase the flavor of baked goods.

At present, most of the functional peptides that can be used in food are isolated extracts of natural proteins. Most of them have good nutritional value and certain biological functions. At the same time, the addition cost is low and there are no toxic and side effects.