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Pine Pollen Powder

  • 99% Cell Wall Broken

  • Yellow powder

  • Bolin

  • TLC

  • 1kg

  • Kosher HALAL ISO2000

  • Food grade

  • 2 years

  • Bag/1kg, Drum/25kg

  • Available

  • China

  • 1000KG/ Per Month


What Is Organic Pine Pollen Powder?

Broken-wall pine pollen is made from artificially collected Masson pine pollen, which is crushed and refined by high-tech. Its nutrients are rich and balanced, nourishing and healthy, and it is a natural source of nutrition that nature bestows on human beings. Pine pollen is the only health care treasure that contains more than 200 active nutrients and fully meets the needs of the human body. It is referred to as a "miniature nutrient bank" by nutritionists. It is also the only complete nutritional food found in the world. Long-term consumption can achieve physiological Balance and improve immunity. The only unique and pure natural, fully nutritious, fully absorbed, fully active health care treasures. The pine pollen consists of a main body and two air cells. The air cells will be damaged when the wall is broken manually. Therefore, the density of the pine pollen without the broken wall is relatively small, but the density of the pine pollen after the wall is broken will increase. The pine pollen is placed in the water, the pine pollen without broken walls mostly floats on the water surface, and the broken pine pollen is suspended in the water or sinks to the bottom.

What Is Pine Pollen Extract Powder Used For?

1. Pine pollen contains comprehensive and balanced nutrition, which can enhance physical strength, energy, and fully recover from fatigue.

2. Pine pollen contains comprehensive and balanced nutrition, which can enhance physical strength, energy, and fully recover from fatigue.

3. Pine pollen not only has unique physiological functions, but also has special effects of promoting skin cell metabolism, delaying skin cell aging, increasing skin elasticity, and making skin white, rosy, and healthy. It is known as "eat cosmetics".

4. The coordination of vitamins C, E and B vitamins in pine pollen can activate cells and keep the SOD value in the body at a high level, so it can better remove free radicals and block the formation of chloasma and butterfly spots. way to eliminate the melanin of the skin, making the skin white and beautiful.

5. Long-term consumption of pine pollen has a significant effect on preventing and treating pruritus in the elderly.

6. It has a good effect on reducing and removing acne.

7. Taking pine pollen also has the effect of brightening hair.

8. With its pure natural nutrient pool, it strengthens metabolism, regulates endocrine glands, mobilizes alternative excretion, improves the condition of heart, blood and blood vessels, and plays a role in cardiovascular health care. For example, magnesium in pine pollen can not only activate the enzyme system, but also serve as a carrier of various nutrients; flavonoids can significantly reduce blood lipids and cholesterol; various vitamins can increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls and improve the microcirculation of the heart and brain.

9. It is rich and complete in a variety of nutrients, which has a good therapeutic effect on constipation. For example, for constipation caused by indigestion and upper gastrointestinal diseases, because pine pollen has a good effect on gastrointestinal dysfunction.

COA of Bee Pollen Powder

Nutrition Facts
Amount Per 100g
Calories 402Kc
% Daily Value
Fat 6.3g10%
Saturated Fat 1.9g0%
Trans Fat 0.2g
Cholesterol <1mg0%
Sodium 62mg3%
Total Carbohydrate 66g11%
Dietary Fiber 3g4%
Sugars 0g
Protein 10.9g18%
Vitamin A6%
Vitamin C4%
Calcium 92mg2%
Iron 51.5mg2%